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Areas of Service
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Start the Clock

The starter pistol has fired and the clock is ticking. Elder Hagen safely arrived at the Provo Utah MTC on September 21st 2016, and we have begun the countdown until he safely returns to us once again sometime in August of 2018. He was ready and eager to begin serving in the Virginia, Richmond mission. There were many tears. You would think it would get easier sending a second son out, but it doesn't. It's a huge life changing event for them and for us. I do know from experience that the sadness will get easier to manage. Though it will never completely disappear. I guess that's a gift. It signifies that we mean so much to each other, love each other so greatly, that the sadness of being apart is always nudging at our hearts. How grateful we are for that.
Virginia, Richmond LDS mission map

The clock has also begun counting down to email days. That precious moment where mothers and fathers sit at their computers or phones syncing email every few seconds, hoping by some miracle to catch their missionary sending, and be able to respond, much as the Who (you know, those which Horton hears), "We are here, we are here, WE ARE HERE!" It is a simple thing, and may not technically be allowed, but it thrills us anyway to have those few minutes of our child, whom we will not see or hug for 2 long years.

Here is where those precious emails will be posted. No one else may care, except for perhaps his mother and father, but that's ok. We can live with that. This blog is one small thing we can do to feel connected and a part of this great and amazing thing Tayler has decided to do. So read, don't read, believe, or don't believe what is typed. We aren't really posting for you anyway. We do this because we love Elder Hagen and are counting months, weeks, and minutes with each post.

Farewell pic with fam
last lunch
MTC welcome party

away he goes

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