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Friday, October 7, 2016

MTC 3 - MTC Finale

"Hehe... so... something I forgot to tell ya, in the MTC, I can read emails all week long, there are computer labs everywhere, and, they are all open for use as long as we don't send emails.

Monday I am waking up at around 3:50, my flight leaves around 7-8ish, There are "vans" that take us there, and I will be landing around 12:30 eastern time.

Conference was great! kinda! I slept through 30% of it by mistake. But, I did get a favorite talk out of it. So, the way conference works at the mtc, is we all gather in the Gym 30 minutes before it starts, all 2000 something of us, and we sit, quietly, staring at two projection screens that have been set up for devotionals and such. 

So my favorite talk, It was during priesthood session, President Holland's talk about home teaching, which might not seem pertinent to my current situation, but, home teaching is basically missionary work, it's goal is to invite and check up on the members of the church, while my goal is to do the same thing, but with the people of Virginia. If you'd like a talk from the four main sessions, Bednar's talk about Alma the younger finding his Amulek, which I believe was Sunday Morning, and how we need others to be able to make it through this life.

Onto my week! So, class! and more class! and even more class! Basically, my entire week comprised of me sitting in a classroom learning the teaching lessons of preach my gospel. It's not all too boring, I have felt myself become a better missionary out of it, being more confident in my teaching abilities. Also, chicken. Every meal is either chicken or a chicken based product.

Sunday after conference we had a devotional, which, was actually entertaining in reference to other devotionals, because, the mtc presidency felt we had enough just straight up lessons for the weekend. So, they invited Vocal Point, an acapella group, to come give their story, all of them being returned missionaries. They sang a couple church hymns following every talk or so.  

I got everyone's packages on Tuesday, Grant's, aunt Jen's, Grandma's, and I kid you not, it was an answer to my prayers. I was feeling homesick Tuesday morning, and everything seemed to be moving rather slow, and I just, wasn't feeling anything. So come lunch time, my district leader hands me a ton of letters and package slips. It brightened my day, my homesickness diminished greatly (I still miss all of you), and, iI just felt better all throughout. 

SOOOOO... I figured out how to send pictures, turns out, the computers here do not have SD card support, so I had to buy a converter from the bookstore, So, PICTURES YAY!!!!

Me with all my mail, my bed in the back ( the mess around it isn't mine, it belongs to Elder Simmons who Bunks above me.)

Me and my companion, Elder Cox

And all the elders from my district, from left to right; 
Elder Olson, Elder Bendel, Elder Simmons, Elder Goff, Me, Elder Cox

All of them excluding me, either played football, or wrestled during high school. so, they are all hard headed at times, but they are still awesome.

So, that's it for the week. I might be able to call all of you at the airport, Depending on what time we get there and what phones are open. I'll try to call some time around 6:30 AM Pacific Time, if I can, again, it all depends on availability.

So, love you! Thanks for the letters! I might email again later today if i have time, BYEEEEE!!!"

ps "Yes, I am feeling a lot better, my voice is back. It's real nice to hear that I will have a bedroom when I get home, mine here is a bit of a pig sty thanks to the rest of my residence.

and ya, thank you SO much for your emails, they literally make the days just fly by, LOVE YOU again, bye!"

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