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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 1: Answering Questions and Learning the Ropes

To answer all the questions,

I can only write on p-days yes, and it is always on a Monday. And, I am not 100% sure about visiting the temple, Elder Scott says near the end of ones mission we spend a day there, but I dunno for sure.

Spencer: asked me what my favorite restaurant or store is, and to give him the honest answer, out here is almost exactly like home, but with trees, a lot of em, and no Del Taco or In N Out or Grand Burger.... So basically, what I liked at home, they still have out here, there really isn't anything special.

Dad: I am in the city of Midlothian, and my address is 
11506 Clintwood Terrace. Midlothian, VA 23112.  And yes, It is a house that me Elder Scott share, a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home.

My companion, Elder Scott, is from Ogden Utah, and I am not in a car, I have to ride the bike you 
sent me (Elder Scott is a cyclist, he assembled it) up hills all day long, and it gets exhausting. 

The members are feeding us quite well, almost 7 meals a week, and no, it's mainly been spaghetti or a slab of meat with potatoes. 

The mission president and his wife are extremely nice, they do not have younger kids, so no, all their kids are all grown up and have moved out.

There really isn't any work to do here besides reactivation and member check ups, the people of Virginia are extremely stubborn when it comes to religion, and usually are not open to conversion or even hearing our message.

I can't answer questions 7 and 8, the 3 wards surrounding me are about to be reorganized, so, as of right now, the area is small because I am on a bike, but the Clover Hill ward, is pretty decent sized for around these parts.

Alright, onto my week. So, Monday, I spent all day on an air plane, we woke up at 3 in the morning to board a charter bus that took us to Salt Lake, I called home, boarded my flight, and flew off to Atlanta for a brief layover before flying to Richmond. We landed and where greeted by our mission president, his wife, and all the office workers for the mission. We gathered our luggage and where taken to the mission home where we spent the night. The following morning, we where told we could sleep in until 7:30, which, was a blessing, and we got dressed, went to the stake center, and met our companions and trainers. It took about 30 minutes for us to get to our home for the next six weeks, where, I unpacked, Elder Scott already having been living there for the past 3 months, showed me around. Wednesday through Friday was all about the same, biking/walking around (I was using a members bike), visiting members and less actives, and just simply getting to know the area. Saturday, I had to take off as a sick day, the coughing and congestion had gotten awful. Sunday, I was feeling a bit better, so, we went to our meetings and church, where me and another sister missionary from California where introduced. After church, a member drove us around to again meet some less actives and members. And that is basically my week! Greeting and meeting people. Nothing too fancy, nothing to spiritual, just getting to know the layout of the land.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good time back at home. Love ya! I'll see if I can send pictures later today or next week! 

-Elder Hagen 

(There were no pictures)

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