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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 4: "Hallowclean" and Spiders


In regards to me telling you I crashed last week, it was nothing
dramatic. Basically, there was an uneven piece of sidewalk and a
particularly low hanging branch that seemed to know exactly where to
hit me. Essentially, it hit my helmet, knocked me off balance, my
front wheel hit the chunk of protruding cement, and I fell over onto a
patch of grass. No harm, no staining on my clothing, nothing.

This week, was a interesting one in the sense that, I,  me, the Hagen
kid, am serving in a new ward. And because of such, being in a new
ward, and technology being wonky, everyone (investigators, less
actives, etc, etc,) In our app on our iPads called the area book,
disappeared,  because we where no longer missionaries of the Clover
Hill ward, and had been "transferred" into the Brandermill ward, in
which at the time of writing this email, had no data connected to it.
And so, we had nothing really to do but look around and try to find
something for the first couple days.

Monday, was p-day, and Halloween. And since it was p-day and
Halloween, the first half of the day was a spent as a normal p-day.
But the normal afternoon "end of p-day", was an mandatory In doors by
5pm, in which everyone was told to clean their apartments in the
allotted 4 hours... apartments being the key word, cause, I live in a
house.... it's a little bigger... but I digress. We spent a majority
of our time cleaning out the studio apartment below our home in which
missionaries used to stay in until they got permission to move to the
upstairs. But let me tell you, that apartment, was trashed, it reeked
of mold, garbage and moldy clothing where thrown a muck, and the worst
part, in my opinion, was the thousands of spiders we ended up having
to kill.

So In short we did nothing but clean our home, get groceries, and
email. The day was dubbed "Hallowclean" by the mission office.

Tuesday, we went to our regularly scheduled appointments with those we
where teaching that where still within our ward boundaries, and the
rest of the day we spent finishing cleaning, because again, I live in
a house, not an apartment, and there only is two of us. I do want to
pause and mention I found a talk by Thomas s Monson that I had been
looking for, it is entitled "finding our way home".

Wednesday, I woke up in the morning at 7 by mistake, showered, cut my
lip shaving, studied, and left our home around 11. We helped a recent
convert and a member repair a sliding door, ate lunch, and headed
towards the Brandermill neighborhood to see if we could go talk to a
recent investigator that Elder Scott knew of. She wasn't home. So we
went to the church. Around 6 we went on an blitz, which, is when we
exchange just for a couple hours, we went with the Manchester elders
to meet new members that we had acquired during the boundary change,

Thursday was nothing special, just an average day of biking and more biking.

Friday, was a special day. Friday, was a day in the mission we call,
"return and report". Essentially, all new missionaries and their
trainers, head to Richmond to discuss our first 4 weeks, and to hear
some talks and instructions. Afterwards, we are dismissed with a
temporary companion to head into downtown Richmond to go street
contacting. My temporary companion was one of the two APs (assistants
to the president). After street contacting for about an hour and a
half, we got a ride home, and went to a zone meeting which used up the
rest of our day.

Saturday, was a special day, it was the day we got ready for service,
in our Sunday whites. So Saturday morning, we helped a lady move, and
the elders and my companion thought it would only take 30 or so
minutes, so we shouldn't worry ourselves in changing into our service
clothes. nay nay, we where there for 2 hours moving stuff through hair
and dust and all matter of white shirt staining stuff. We finished,
the lady (a non member) thanked us, tearing up a bit, and we left.
That afternoon, elder Scott and I had nothing planned, so we decided
to go and tract Brandermill, again. And on our way over, we got a call
from a member of our ward, a less active, asking if we could help him
move garbage into the back of his truck. And without changing, we
reared our bikes towards his home. After we finished, the less active
being a combat engineer, where able to shoot off a round out out of a
potato gun. He told us a story of how he almost accidentally shot down
a helicopter with the same gun we fired, and a plastic bag wrapped in
duct tape.

Sunday, It was stake conference, the Brandermill ward was sustained,
and some really good talks that I wish I where taking notes on, where
given. Sunday night, we had our first baptism.

So, a little explanation about this baptism. This investigator, had
been an investigator for what I had been told had been about 3 years,
being an older gentleman, he was a bit stubborn when it came to the
concept of being baptized. He, wasn't our investigator directly... he
was within our area, but didn't want to talk to the elders, he only
allowed visits from the sisters, whom where in the same ward at the
time, and only recently, he has opened up to the elders. Now, elder
Scott told me that PJ, the name of the investigator, had no intention
of being baptized before the previous transfer. Anyway, One Sunday, he
was feeling extremely sick, and he had an impression that he should
ask for a blessing. And so he was given one by a couple members in our
ward. The next day he woke up, the illness was gone, and he had been
touched by the spirit.

Me and elder Scott got to preside as the witnesses.

And, now it is Monday the 7th, p-day once again, the end, of another
week, love all ya! Have a good week!

-Elder Hagen

Spider filled studio apartment... Before

Studio apartment...After

Elder Hagen can cook... Mac N Cheese

Baptism Program

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