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Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 6: "Off Putting Week" and Transfers

Hello hello and how do you do,

So, I got, and am using a keyboard now, it's awesome. If there are any
typos, I'm still adjusting to the keyboard, so, you've been warned.

And concerning Austin, I was not expecting Idaho, tell him good luck for me!

ANYWAY, this week has been one of those "off putting weeks", as in, so
much has happened, but only on a select few days.

So Monday, was our second zone p-day for the transfer, and we got to
clean a house. The mission home to be exact. You see, the zone leaders
decide what we are going to do for zone p-days and other events with
"zone" in the title, so, instead of going to the zoo, or hiking on a
path right through a forest of trees that are in the process of
changing colors... we got to clean, for about 3 hours. Don't get me
wrong, we got free pizza, and it was a great experience, but there are
only two chances to go out of our area to see sights per transfer.

Tuesday was one of those "nothing really" days. We helped clean a
member's house as a service project, he being unable to clean it
himself, and the rest of Tuesday was spent doing little to none, as we
had no real appointments, and no one was available.

Wednesday was a little fuller, we had the day scheduled from
appointment to appointment, but each where about an hour apart, which
meant we had roughly 40 minutes to sit around or seek potentials.

Thursday, oh man, Thursday was a doozie. Basically, we had the entire
morning planned out, we would bike to a less actives, and then bike to
a potential appointment, and then bike to ANOTHER potential
appointment, and then tract a bit, BUT, a stick was thrown into our
plans when, on our way to the less actives, a piece of scrap metal,
about yeah long ———————— , punctured my back tire. Fortunately, A
recent convert saw Elder Scott trying to patch it, and was able to
give us a ride, in his little Honda Civic sized car, bikes and all, to
our appointment, she wasn't home. Elder Scott was able to put a
temporary patch on the tire, we biked home, and the day just kinda
ended there.

Friday was a slow day as well, we woke up kinda late, biked to the
less actives we where not able to see the day prior, biked home for
lunch, and I was out. I slept for about 3 and a half hours, and woke
up just in time for our dinner appointment, to find out they canceled
on us.

Now, Saturday, was interesting, 'cause, it was the Saturday before
transfers. I am not getting transferred... ELDER SCOTT... is getting
transferred.... and as such, I am staying in Brandermill, becoming the
senior companion for the area.... and I have NO idea... what I am
doing.... but hey, I might get a car, so we will see what happens. But
as far as the day goes, it was another slow one, we went on a blitz
(mini exchange) with the zone leaders, and went tracting, in an area
that we would not otherwise be able to get too without a car for about
two hours, we went to Wendy's following.

But, that is about it for my week, again, it's been a slow up and down
process, but I'm still hanging in there for the most part.

Love all y'all back home, I miss you all so much.

Love ya Mom.

-Elder Tayler Hagen

The Door to no where on the side of our home.

Genealogy: me, my trainer, and his trainer

Most mornings here in Virginia

 Me , Elder Scott, and Estes Family. Deadpool is to Brother Estes (our ward mission leader) like the Flash is to me. (Tayler loves all things Flash, the comic book hero)

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