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Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 7: Well Fed

Hi mom and everyone back home! It's p-day! So, i am emailing home to ya.

To start off, I got your package, thank you for the pillow and all the
snacks, but i'm not going to lie to ya, there is a member of my ward
who makes sure we are well stocked, so I appreciated all the Ramen,
but we already had a box of 48 of them.

I also got a thanksgiving package from Grandma Hagen, tell her thank
you for that, the minions where cool and the Christmas ornament is
awesome, I just don't have a tree to put it on.

On to my week!

So, Monday, was the last day elder Scott was in the Brandermill ward
and area, as such, He wanted to visit members and non-members to get 
pictures with em', say goodbye, get their emails and facebooks, etc, etc. 
so essentially, we went about the day doing such.

Tuesday was transfers. We woke up, went to go see a less active
member, Elder Scott's last goodbye, then we got a ride to transfers.
We walked in 5 minutes before it started, sang "called to serve" with
the other 60 something missionaries in the room, and got our new
companions. Funny thing is though, when Elder Scott and I sat down, we
sat down next to this other companionship, and lo and behold, i had
somehow sat down next to my new companion, Elder Eliason. Elder
Eliason, is not from Utah, which is a huge shocker. He is from
Arizona, so we where essentially in the same boat coming out here,
from hot and dry, to cold and trees. He graduated with the class of
2016, he came out 2 months before me. But honestly, that's where
similarities end. We walked to our regular Tuesday appointments once
we got back, and the day ended there.

Wednesday we went to go pick up a bike from a members home, so that we
could bike once again to all of our appointments, FUN. We biked over
to the church so elder Eliason could sink his IPad so he too, could
share in being able to decide where to go in Brandermill. We went to
go visit some less actives around the church afterwards, one of them
was insane, I helped her get plates from a box with broken dishes, and
we went home. We visited with an investigator we had been working with
afterwards, and had homemade sushi at a members home.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, turkey day, the day of thanks, that day, we
did nothing on terms of missionary work, it being too difficult to deal
with on said day.

So essentially, Thursday, we spent the morning in studies, and around
3 in the afternoon, we went to our Thanksgiving appointment. The
family we went to, the Thomas's where a new couple in the ward, the
only family they had over where their two younger kids, 4 and 7, and
Brother Thomas's father. They had purchased a 20 lbs turkey, expecting
us elders to eat, and eat, and eat, and boy where we stuffed after our
second plate. We spent around 3 hours at their home, before we where
picked up by a member to play card/board games at the church building
with a couple other families. Our day ended there, a whole lot of left
overs and a whole lot of homesickness.

Friday we went out with a member in the morning to go visit a less
active, and to go see potentials. The afternoon however, was spent in
a "service project" per say. Essentially, there is a quadriplegic man
in our ward, whom doesn't have much entertainment in his life, so, we
with a member, went over to his home, and played machi koro, a card
game which requires little to no movement. So we arrived, played a
round, I won, and actually taught a lesson to a non-member, Don's (the
quadriplegic) nurse, Oleg. We played 2 more rounds of the game, and
got home around 8.

Saturday was spent doing nothing of importance, little work got done,
no one answered the door.

Sunday, we woke up, got ready for church, went to our 2 hour meeting
(essentially classes wont start until the beginning of January.), and
went out with a member of our ward to go check up on some less
actives, and try and see some potentials. We actually got 2 return

And that was my week. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and black
Friday, I love and miss you all.

I don't have any pictures this week, I should have taken some, but Ii
didn't, sorry, although, I would like to point out the phones we are
using... Remember these things? The one I had as a kid was red.

Midlothian/Chesterfield Zone Conference, find Elder Hagen

Midlothian/Chesterfield Zone Conference lunch

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