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Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 8: Alright

Anywhosers, my week, was alright, to an extent.

Monday was p-day, and p-day is p-day, we spent it shopping for
groceries, writing home, and all other chores that a normal person
would do throughout the week.

Tuesday, elder Eliason and I went on an exchange with the Zone
leaders, I went with the new guy that came in this last transfer to
his area, Elder Smith, he is an Mandarin speaking elder. Essentially
the day itself was spent going about and visiting with investigators
and less actives in the Zone Leaders area, so, I don't really have
much to write about in terms of an actual day.

Wednesday, we exchanged back, and visited an investigator who, in
lamen terms, is plain crazy. She, is extremely nice, but she doesn't
have any sense to her logic, except when it comes to the gospel, which
is interesting. So essentially, she listens to the lessons, she enjoys
them, she WANTS to be baptized, but she doesn't....

The rest of Wednesday was spent out and about, visiting shut doors and such.

Thursday, was an interesting one. We had a MLC, a mission leadership
conference, and only 40 our of the 100 companionships where invited, I
went, because the rest of my zone was going. We had a guest speaker,
the mission president from the District 2, that one mission training
series. He spoke on the need of using technology, and it's importance
in the modern mission era. It was great, we where told we could use
skype now for lessons. We left around 4:30, got stuck in some REALLY
bad traffic, and the 30 minute drive, turned into 2 hours. So we got
home at 6:30, ate dinner, and went out to visit some less actives.

Friday we had a zone conference in the morning, and service in the
afternoon, raking leaves and board games with a quadriplegic member of
our ward, which actually turned into a lesson, as there was a
non-member who was there with us, we got to teach the plan of
salvation and the restoration.

Not much happened Saturday.

Sunday was a normal fast Sunday with church from 1-3. We went out with
a member afterwards to visit some potentials/ investigators.

And essentially, that was my week, not too fancy, but a week non the less.

Anyway, love ya, i'll see y'all at Christmas.

-Elder Tayler Hagen

Elder Eliason and I


favorite car viewed while stuck in traffic



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