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Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 10: Christmas is Coming

So, my week, 

Monday was p-day, and honestly, not much happened, we did the usual routine in about half the time because the Zone leaders wanted to visit to play card games, etc, etc. (If you all ever here of card games called Dominion, Machi Koro, or Guillotine, I would suggest playing them), and that was essentially it, not much happened.

Tuesday, was our district's Christmas conference, so the week prior, we where asked to make a dish we wanted to bring, so i spent the morning making baked mac and cheese with bacon. It was great. Our district had our little party, our lunch consisted of my mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, store bought rolls, potato soup, and crepes.... Mission life. After our meeting, we went out to visit with a couple investigators, one of them is progressing, the other, somewhat is not.

Wednesday, the morning was spent at 2 less actives we where asked to visit, one just found out she doesn't have cancer anymore, the other, is struggling with MS, and honestly, both have incredibly strong testimonies, they would attend church if it wasn't for their health. It was extremely humbling. The rest of the day was spent at the mission psychologists essentially, we went to dinner afterwards at around 6. The member took us down a street called Christmas street afterwards, I'll send you a video if I can.

Thursday was the official first day of winter, and we felt it. It was around 38 degrees out with 80% humidity out. And me, being from California, discovered what the true meaning of cold meant while biking about to our appointments throughout the day. Those in Utah, know NOTHING of cold...  

Friday, was just your typical day, went to lunch with a member, I hit and crashed on a curb, Raked leaves for an investigator, in the bitter cold for about 3 hours, and spent the rest of the day after 5 at a quadriplegic members home, doing service for him and such.

Saturday, we got 29 referrals, and we spent the day visiting 11 of them. As it turns out, those 29 referrals, where not really referrals, they where previous investigators. Essentially, what happened was when our ward split, we got the records for everyone but this one area with these 29 people, and the missionary that had those records, got transferred out. So instead of going through the AP's to get them to us, he sent them in as referrals. The day wasn't all a bust, we went out with the same member that took us to Christmas street and he showed us this REALLY cool house with Christmas lights, again, I'll send you a video.

Sunday was Sunday, nothing to out of the ordinary, we went out with a member to go visit, and that was about it.

And so! 'Twas my week, I love and miss you all so much, I hope ya'll are having a great Christmas season.

Tell the Millers and Concidines  thank you for me, I'll try to send a thank you note!

-Elder Tayler Hagen


Bacon Mac

Us and the Manchester Elders, and our Glorious pile of leaves

video  of Christmas Street

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