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Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 9: The Zoo and More

Hello mother! Hello family!

As for my week, it was great to an extent, a lot went on...

Monday was p-day, zone p-day, and we went to the local zoo, which I'm
not going to lie, was the only real thing on my bucket list for this
area to do on a p-day. It was the highlight of the week, just being
able to feel like I was a tourist for a moment, we saw giraffes and
penguins and lions and bears oh my! I'll attach some pictures just to
show what we did.

Tuesday was just phenomenal (sarcastically). we went on exchanges and
I got to stay in my area. Now, I need to remind you, I'm on bike, in
dark and hills Virginia, and it is very green and wet out here. So, my
day went as follows; we got up in the morning, it was pouring outside,
we went to an appointment in the rain, she wasn't home, we biked home,
in the rain, exchanged with the Manchester Elders, biked to another
appointment, in the rain, got a ride from our ward mission leader to
dinner, soaking wet, We got dropped off afterwards at another
appointment, the rain had stopped, and we got out from said
appointment after the sun had went down, it was cold, I was damp, my
wind breaker was not helping, my headlight on my bike was broken, so I
biked home from that appointment, in the cold, in the dark, and I hit
a mail box.

Tuesday, was great.

Wednesday, was a brighter day, it was sunny, we spent the morning at a
meeting with our district, and the rest of it visiting members and
less actives.

Thursday was freezing, but a normal day, the usual biking about and
talking to people.

Friday and Saturday, I would call days of service, we went about with
members and other elders raking leaves and moving boat engines and
such. Saturday we did have our ward Christmas party, It was great, out
of the 120 something active members of our ward, about 90 where in
attendance, and we had a special guest, Santa Claus.

And Sunday, we had our first ward council meeting as the Brandermill
ward in the morning, in which we as missionaries where asked to be
"front line emissaries" in finding the needs of our ward. The
afternoon was spent out on a split with a member, visiting with
potentials and less actives.

And that is how my week ended, there is not much else I could really
add, so, love you all, have a great holiday season, love you, miss ya.

-Elder Tayler Hagen

Me and my new friend.

 Jacob and Spencer Mere-cats

The wild chicken

I just found it ironic that peacocks where on display, considering where we live

An extremely exotic animal

I need one

And me on a sky wire.

Christmas as a district

Me, Elder Claus, Elder Eliason

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